NYC Marathon

NYC may not have the best reputation when it comes to being friendly, but there are definitely times when New Yorkers really come together.  The marathon is one of these times; it brings out the best in everyone as they cheer on friends and strangers.  The marathon route went right through our neighborhood, so I had no excuse not to throw on some activewear, grab a latte and my camera and support all of these amazing human beings!nyc-marathon-2016-7nyc-marathon-2016-5nyc-marathon-2016-16nyc-marathon-2016-15nyc-marathon-2016nyc-marathon-2016-14nyc-marathon-2016-13nyc-marathon-2016-11nyc-marathon-2016-12nyc-marathon-2016-2nyc-marathon-2016-3nyc-marathon-2016-9nyc-marathon-2016-10nyc-marathon-2016-8nyc-marathon-2016-6nyc-marathon-2016-4


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