LA Wknd

This past weekend, Andrew and I flew coast to coast for our friends’ wedding in downtown LA.  After arriving at our Airbnb at 2AM Saturday morning (5AM NYC time), we decided to take a laid back approach to exploring downtown LA before the wedding.  Brunch was our first order of business.  Our YELP search served as right as ended up at Grand Central Market for delicious breakfast sandwiches at Eggslut.  The line wrapped around the market, but it was completely worth the wait!img_4379-1img_4380img_4386img_4401img_4413img_4403

Fueled by all things eggs and bacon, we headed over to the The Last Bookstore, the largest bookstore in California.  The aisles and aisles of wooden bookcases kept us occupied for quite awhile!


Sunday, we headed to Griffith Park in the Santa Monica Mountains with my sister and brother-in-law.  The overcast day was perfect for the climb to the back of the iconic Hollywood sign ( we didn’t take the horses :).


After Griffith Park, we headed over to Andrew’s aunt and uncles place in Manhattan Beach.  I love living in NYC, but I have to say that beach life looks pretty nice too 🙂



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