Bikes of Brooklyn

Once your attention is drawn to a particular item, have you noticed how you suddenly start seeing it everywhere?  You many never have noticed a certain type of shoe, or make of car, or hair style but once someone mentions it to you, it’s all you see wherever you go.

As I was walking through the neighborhood the other day, my attention was drawn to a red bike that was particularly photogenic.  I hadn’t gone out the door with a plan to take pictures of bicycles, but after seeing that first red bike, I started noticing the variety of bikes on each street.  While in the back of my mind I knew there are a lot of bikes around, I never focused in on quite how many there were.  As I walked around, I challenged myself to find various angles to photograph each bike.

bikes in brooklyn-0390bikes in brooklyn-0427bikes in brooklyn-0364bikes in brooklyn-0443bikes in brooklyn-0392bikes in brooklyn-0411bikes in brooklyn-0454bikes in brooklyn-0398bikes in brooklyn-0461bikes in brooklyn-0404bikes in brooklyn-0407bikes in brooklyn-0436bikes in brooklyn-0447bikes in brooklyn-0459



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  1. Ruth Holtrop says:

    So cool, Anna!


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