Michigan Weekend

A photo documentary of time spent with family in West Michigan.

Michigan April 2017-1873
Michigan April 2017-1883
Tea time with Grandpa Ubels

Michigan April 2017-1885

Michigan April 2017-1893
Grandma DeVries’ birthday

Michigan April 2017-1891Michigan April 2017-1899Michigan April 2017-1907Michigan April 2017-1910Michigan April 2017-1917Michigan April 2017-1927Michigan April 2017-1933

Michigan April 2017-1944
Sunday dinner in the making

Michigan April 2017-1952Michigan April 2017-1954Michigan April 2017-1962

Michigan April 2017-1979
View on the way out to the lakeshore
Michigan April 2017-1993
Rosy Mound Park in Grand Haven

Michigan April 2017-1989Michigan April 2017-2000

Michigan April 2017-2016
Lake Michigan

Michigan April 2017-2009Michigan April 2017-1997Michigan April 2017-2010Michigan April 2017-2021Michigan April 2017-2029Michigan April 2017-2046Michigan April 2017-2053Michigan April 2017-2054Michigan April 2017-2058Michigan April 2017-2065Michigan April 2017-2074Michigan April 2017-2084

Michigan April 2017-2097
We stopped at Countryside Greenhouse on the way home from the lake

Michigan April 2017-2101Michigan April 2017-2106Michigan April 2017-2107Michigan April 2017-2112Michigan April 2017-2114


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  1. Ruth Holtrop says:

    Beautiful! And you are 🔥 In that jacket! You don’t look sick at all! 😉


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